Invest in no place

FInder's Fees

If you refer us to an investor who invests in the movie, you will get 5% off the top as soon as the check clears. Just give us his or her name and we will do the rest!

Business Plan

We are offering a 20% return on any monies invested. Contact Us for a copy of our business plan.

Read the Script

If you are interested in producing the film, I will send over a non disclosure agreement and then the script. 

Soft Money Sponsorship

Perhaps you have a location, a picture car or a skill we could use on our set.  We are also taking donations from restaurants and local food establishments so we can promote you on this site and to our crew and cast. 

Investment Perks

New Mexico’s Film Incentives – 25% Tax Credit

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (2017 – 2022)

Talk to my CPA to find out how investing in film can be beneficial to you

We are fiscally sponsored by a non profit, From the Heart Productions which means that you can write off your donation.

Fundraising Events

If you have a venue or home and some friends or investing partners who would like to get involved in making movies, you can throw us a fundraising party.