HOLLY Adams is the #femaletarantino

K. Sullivan


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No Place

I’ve been dubbed the female Tarantino and with a little Jon Waters thrown in, I’m making noise with my feminist films that verge on the tasteless but will move you to your core. 

No Place is a road picture drama a/la Badlands meets The Wizard of Oz.

In the New Mexico desert, two desperate teen runaways flee their traumatic pasts trying to outrun the law until they find that the home they seek is within each other. 

After discovering she is pregnant with his child, 15 year old Mary kills her father, taking off with his pistol and cash. 17 year old Joe has just unintentionally poisoned his obese mother. He’s got a car but no gas, she’s got cash and needs a ride. They take off towards Las Vegas to make it big. But they share a moment of recognition when it is revealed that they are each wanted for murder. Mary’s uncles and the law are hot on their heels but the teens disguise themselves as newlyweds to great effect. Joe discovers that he and Mary have matching birthmarks which complete a circle when her hand is placed over his heart. He vows to take care of Mary and the baby and buy themselves a home of their own. But just as they embrace, Mary’s Uncle Jimmy guns them down. With her hand over his heart, the bullet pierces the circle and our twins of misfortune are swept into a swirling black abyss with a light at the end growing ever bigger, a doctor’s hands reach into the abyss coaxing an infant out of a womb. He slaps the baby’s behind and she spits out a bullet. Joe and Mary have just been reborn as one person. 

Through darkness we must go to see the light again and sometimes two equals one. 






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What our fans are saying!

"Holly Adams is the #femaletarantino."   K. Sullivan  

"Pure Art!  Gave me the chills!  I can't wait to see this."       K.  Grace

"Dude, that looks fricken great, man!"   B. Roach

 "I dig your style so much!"       G.  Clark
"Those are the words I was looking for, I love a Holly Adams film"     B. Shelton

"Looks like a good film! Want to see it."     C. Carroll


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